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Do I Need A Financial Plan? Thumbnail

Do I Need A Financial Plan?


Have you ever flown on a commercial airline? I imagine you made plans for your flight such as:

  • Where you were going
  • What time you would go
  • What price you would pay
  • Etc.

My son is a pilot in the Air Force. What my son does not do is get to the start of the runway and just take off and see where this plane will take us, a joy ride. Instead, before every flight he completes a very detailed flight plan. The flight plan includes things like:

  • Why this flight is necessary
  • What airport he is taking off from
  • What heading (direction) he will fly
  • How long the flight will take
  • How much fuel he will need
  • What are the back-up plans

Are your finances like a joy ride? Let's just line up at the start of our career or marriage, and see what happens.  Hopefully it will all work out!